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Blogging - unicronQ's LiveJournal
Very random stuff from a Geek
I am once again attempting to get back into blogging. I've attempted it a few times on Blogger and Tumblr, but I always end up giving up after a couple of days. I can't say for sure if it will hold this time or not, but I'm going to give it my best. I really hope it turns out better than previous attempts. I'm not going to attempt to make a set subject matter like I did in previous attempts to restart my blogging habit. It will just be a general purpose blog.

It is going to take some getting used to. I'm not used to writing more than a sentence or two any more. My grammar is also fairly bad. I'm going to attempt to pick up a book on writing for blogs, and maybe a grammar book too. And I hope with practice, I'll get better.

Wish me luck.

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