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Metroid: Other M - unicronQ's LiveJournal
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Metroid: Other M
I picked up Metroid: Other M yesterday. I'm really enjoying it so far. It does have some really goofy story flaws to it involving how you get your upgrades. That is a minor problem that I can live with easily though. I do have 2 major problems with the game. The first is that enemies don't drop health. Truthfully that just makes it more of a challenge, but it's an annoyance. The other problem is a lot bigger, and is almost game breaking. I refer to the fact that you have to point the Wiimote at the screen and go into first person mode to shoot missiles. Half of the time I have trouble getting the Wiimote into the sensor bar's area. And when I do, it is never aimed right, so I have to struggle with moving the camera around to find my target. The lock on button that activates the missiles also is the button that moves the camera, which makes it even worse. The missile system can really screw you up during the boss battles, where you have to be fast.

While I am annoyed at those 2 problems, I do really like the game. I think it is a nearly perfect example of how a 3d Metroid game should be done.

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