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Spectacular Spider-Man - unicronQ's LiveJournal
Very random stuff from a Geek
Spectacular Spider-Man
Last night I finished re-watching the 2008 cartoon of Spectacular Spider-Man! I loved it just as much the second time as I did the first time. It was an amazing cartoon, which is to be expected, since it was made by Greg Weisman, creator of Gargoyles and the Young Justice cartoon. I think it is probably in my top 10 favorite comic book cartoons.

I'm kind of wondering if I had seen the last few episodes when it originally aired. I didn't remember seeing them before when I saw them. Most of the other episodes I did vaguely remember seeing before.

I highly recommend watching Spectacular Spider-Man if you haven't already checked it out. It is available as a complete series set on Blu-ray. I also recommend following Greg Weisman on twitter if you have a twitter account. His user name is @Greg_Weisman. He is currently working on the new Star Wars cartoon "Star Wars: Rebels".

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